Stopping Indoor Airborne Pathogens Using Machine Learning

Faster Is Safer

iatrixAir has engineered a patent pending AI-based solution that detects, removes, and destroys airborne pathogens faster than current industry standards. Our aerotru3 Complete Space Technology performs on the first pass. To us it’s simple; Faster is Safer.

1 Detect

Our AI-based, edge processing technology uses an array of sensors to measure a room’s spatial dimensions and captures key air quality data every 30 to 300 seconds including five particulate levels from PM 0.3 to 10.0. The array of sensors also detects air pressure, temperature, humidity, sound, vibration, True CO2, and VOC levels plus people presence using a unique doppler radar in order to calculate the needed airflow and ventilation requirements of a space which is key to defeating pathogens.

2 Protect

Our 6 levels of defense integrate HEPA H13 nanocoated medical-grade filters, and a UVC light engine plus a final purification stage that work together to efficiently filter, disinfect, and purify the air in the first pass up to 99.99%.

3 Inform

Our intelligent sensor array, edge processing technology and cloud-based analytics allow you to monitor real-time air quality 24/7/365. Cloud-based analytics push summary data into usable formats for display on mobile apps and desktop dashboards, providing alerts and visual metrics of air quality parameters. The iatrixAir system also reduces energy use when safe IAQ levels are reached and responds immediately and automatically when it detects harmful pathogens, increasing air exchange to achieve up to 99.99% first-pass inactivation.

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