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iatrixAir stops pathogens faster inside commercial and public spaces

We make commercial indoor spaces safer through fast detection, fast protection and fast information with our cellular sensor gateway and air exchangers products that monitor and remediate the air 24/7/365. Our “Air Quality as a Service” business model delivers absolute performance with a low-cost monthly fee, and white-glove, never-touch installation by professional contractors.

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The market is saturated with products that provide insufficient spatial, sensor, and airflow data; and deliver inadequate filtration, disinfection, and purification power. The outcome is an inaccurate understanding of what a space requires to achieve the safest and healthiest level of air quality.

The engineers at iatrixAir developed an advanced and more accurate, data-driven product solution for analyzing, purifying, disinfecting, and reporting Internal Air Quality (IAQ). We call our solution aerotru3. iatrixAir’s more accurate and complete analysis is why we provide safer and healthier indoor air.


First, we measure cubic-feet instead of square-feet to accurately determine an indoor space’s air volume, and its requirements for the highest level of IAQ. Second, we include other critical metrics, including how many people are present, air pressure, temperature, humidity, sound, CO2, VOC, and particulates, in order to calculate the needed airflow ventilation requirements of a space.

In addition, aerotru3 uses our unique spatial sensor arrays to analyze a robust data set. AI processes this information and sends it via a secure cellular connection to the cloud for reporting, and instructions are directly sent back to our air-exchanger about how to remediate the air quickly to safe and healthy levels. For example, in a 1,980 cubic foot restroom, the time for a complete air change, including purification and disinfection up to 99.99%, is less than 280 seconds or 12 times per hour.

An iatrixAir system reduces its energy use when optimum IAQ levels are reached and responds immediately and automatically when it detects harmful pathogens, increasing air exchange to achieve up to 99.99% first-pass inactivation. Plus, aerotru3 technology works in conjunction with HVAC systems to regulate air flow in a space and saves energy.


99 % purification & disinfection
12 times the p/hr. complete exchange
280 Seconds for Complete Air Exchange


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