We will monitor indoor air quality 24/7/365 in order to provide safer and healthier air

Our technology solution solves recurring IAQ problems through an in-space device that provides multiple levels of air defense. Our 6-phase, 6-stage smart environmetric air-changer with aerotru3 technology takes into consideration the complete cubic space. We call our solution a Pathogen Destroyer.

Key phases of our technology and design

Edge Processing

Our AI-based, edge processing technology uses an array of sensors to measure a room’s spatial dimensions and capture key air quality data every two seconds. Sensor data is sent to the cloud, and instructions immediately received to adjust the device’s light engine performance levels.

Cellular Connection

Secure cellular connection to send the sensor data to the cloud for analytics and further processing to mobile and desktop devices.

Medical Grade Filtration System

Pre-Filter for large particles, Charcoal filter for odors, and proven HEPA H13 medical-grade filtration up to 99.97% to 0.3-micron particulates.

Nanocoated HEPA H13 Filter

The HEPA H13 filter is coated with an inert material that is permanently attached to the filter. It acts to puncture the wall of viruses and bacteria, destroying up to 99% of pathogens in the first pass, and further removes odors.

Powerful UVC Light Engine

An optical light engine using a totally enclosed UVC light that is intensified 20X to over 1.2M mW/cm2 at 1 cm. This causes the UVC light to continually bounce inside of the light engine destroying the pathogens to 99.99% on the first pass.

Cloud Based Analytics

Our advanced smart sensor array with edge processing uses cloud-based analytics that push the summary data into usable formats for QR codes and displaying on mobile apps and desktop dashboards with alerts and visual metrics of air quality parameters. Air Quality will now be monitored 24/7/365.

The HEPA H13 nanocoated medical-grade filters, and UVC light engine work in unison to quickly detect, filter, disinfect, and purify the air in the first pass up to 99.99%.

Six levels of defense

Our 6 levels of defense provide first-pass kill or inactivation along with sensor detection every two seconds and cloud analytics. With the iatrixAir system as a service, we’ve made it simple to acquire and install a commercial grade air-exchanger in public spaces that continuously provides safer and healthier air.

Technology Defense
  1. Pre-filtration of large particles
  1. Carbon-filtration of odors
  1. HEPA H13 medical-grade filtration removes particulates down to 0.3 micron
  1. Nanocoating on H13 filter that punctures the wall of viruses and bacteria, destroying up to 99% of pathogens
  1. Intense, enclosed UVC light engine that destroys airborne viruses, bacteria, mold/fungi with 1.2M mW/ cm2 at 1 cm of light energy
  1. Final purification stage and exit of the air left, right, and downward

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